Jewelry makes you look classy and elegant, but only if you know what to wear with which outfit. However, the mismatch is the latest jewelry trend but only some can pull off. If you are someone loves to stay updated and is a fashionista, then this article is for you.

These are some of the of the 2018’s latest jewelry trends:

1. Tasseled Earrings

We are talking about latest trends and we don’t talk about tasseled fringe earrings, then our discussion should be stopped mid-way. The tassel earrings have become an integral part of fashion. Whether it is something conservative you are wearing or a strapless dress, long tassel will go with all. Also, a tip to fashionista in the house, neon colors are quite popular when it comes to tassel


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2. Coin Pendant Necklace

Of course the jewelry is incomplete without the necklace. The latest necklace trend is coin pendant necklace. You must have it in your wardrobe that goes with a beautiful red dress that you could wear on the date. Or you can pair it with pantsuit – the classy office outfit. to save some bucks, you can also redeem Van’s promo code you got from coupon websites such as

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3. Anklets

Ankles make your feet look beautiful. Men happen to love anklets paired with bellies or even heels. Just like a tattoo, anklets are considered arousing and sexy. Wear a single slim anklet or layer it up with the other chains, it’s your style, you make the statement. But whether it is that Yellow floral summer dress you pair your Anklet with or a Capri, it’s going to look beautiful.

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4. Pearls

The pearls are, were and always will stay classy. Whether you have your grandmother’s pearl necklace a beautiful pearl bracelet, it will always work out. Just like all the other years, 2018 has pearls listed to latest fashion trend too. Do break free from your stylerut and try pearls. A single pearl on an anklet or even a pearl anklet is a nice way to add interest to a simple chain, while one pearl earring can play the straight man. Check out Eddie Bauer coupons and save some money too.

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5. Set of 3 Rainbow Stretch Bracelets

The set of 3 rainbow stretch bracelet looks street style worthy. They will go with funky shorts and even beachwear. If you are fond of too many colors like blue, yellow, red, black, orange, etc, then this bracelet is for you. Those enamel beads will look beautiful and feel comfortable as well.

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6. Hoop Earrings:

The hoop earrings give the disco look feel. If you pair silver or gold hoop earrings with your little black dress, you are good to go. This will give you ethnic orgasms because they were paired with bell bottoms, neon colored flashy crop tops, etc. However, you can wear that and look very feminine. These are suggested for your special date night.

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7. Vintage

The vintage never goes out of style – whether it is car or jewelry. The vintage jewelry includes brooches that have animal or insect shape. Most of the fashion houses have decided to revive the brooches trend for the 2018 season.Large brooches in the form of snakes, lizards or insects have been part of fashion shows. They are made of metal, with a scattering of various stones, different structures and different colors as well.

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8. Needle Earrings

The moulding or hoop earrings took the form of needled earrings. They are very trendy and funky and make you stand out in the crowd of commoners. These are head turners and will surely get you the attention of not only from men but from women as well. They are light weighted, long needle-shaped chain going through the earlobes and making you look smashing.

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Your Turn

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