After billions of years of evolution, we had found a food item which we love today from our heart at any time any day. Italy is the home of pizzas and today there is no country in the world where you cannot find a decent pizza store. The United States has been making a tremendous progress to bring the best taste of pizza to its population. There are a number of food chains today in the country where a pizza lover can find the perfect solace.

1. Domino’S Pizza

Domino’s has been providing the perfect taste in pizza for decades. When it comes to home delivery, nothing could beat the 30 minutes guaranteed. However, in 1993, the company decided to terminate this policy and they started focusing on expanding their menu which now includes sandwiches, pasta and so forth.


2. Toppers

Toppers was established by Scott Gittrich in 1991 and since then it has never stopped to provide an ultimate taste of pizzas to their customers. With its wide range of items and great deals and discounts, it has been one of the top priorities for the pizza lovers.


3. Pizza Hut

In 2106, Pizza Hut earned the business of nearly $5.75 billion. The ambiance of the restaurant is perfect with red color and attracts the youngsters for spending more time there. Not only in the US, but it is also popular across the globe.

Pizza Hut

4. Little Caesars

It was founded in 1959. Little Caesars offers the best taste of pizza at a very affordable price. You can buy a hot pizza just at $5. The taste is mouthwatering and attracts great deals for customers.


5. California Pizza Kitchen

California pizza kitchen focuses on providing gourmet pizza. The popularity of its gluten-free crust is also high among the pizza lovers. It was founded in 1985 and since then it offers best in class pizzas to their customers.

California Pizza Kitchen

6. Jets Pizza

Jets Pizza was founded in 1978 and now it offers a perfect range of pizzas. With its pizza for veggie lovers, chicken lovers, and those who prefer eating only gluten-free pizza, it is now one of the favorite destinations of many.


7. Papa Murphy’S Pizza

It is famous for its “take and bake” pizza. You just get all the ingredients ready for you to take home. You can bake your own pizza at home. It is considered to be one of the finest business ideas as the stores do not need to have pizza ovens.


8. Marco’S Pizza

This pizza chain was also founded in 1978. Experts believe it to be one of the fastest developing pizza chains in the United States. It has more than 800 franchises across the country and it has also expanded in the countries like India and Puerto Rico.marcos

9. Grubhub

Whether you are in Brooklyn, Champaign, Baltimore or Atlanta, you can rely on Grubhub to take care  of your hunger for delicious pizzas. This is an online and mobile food ordering company which is gaining popularity with its finest pizzas and good delivery service.


10. Mellow Mushroom

The birthplace of this pizzeria is in Atlanta, Georgia. Now it has more than 150 stores and it keeps expanding in the western USA.



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