Christmas is coming round the corner, and the next thing would be Christmas would be sneaking!!

Christmas is the most favorite time of the year. It is always sparkly and festive and for everything that will come between it. From the birth of the Christ to celebration thereafter, everything is best.

Who does not like singing Christmas Carols? Then let us have a further look at the top 10 money saving hacks for the Christmas for the year 2017.

Get started!!

1. Compare Prices

There are many stores those provide you with a more competitive edge over for the price. The best example would be that Home Depot is providing a spare 10% off than what its competitor is offering to the customers.

Remember, it would never hurt to ask anyone. But after you end up paying more, then it hurts. There are many websites those would provide you with this list for your convenience.

 2. Take the advantage after Thanksgiving

After the Thanksgiving, officially and unofficially, is the start of the Christmas season. There will be a lot of products on sale so if you are buying products at that time, there won’t be any problem.

In addition to this, the dishes that are being offered on Thanksgiving and Christmas are pretty much same. The same thing and logic apply to the devices and gadgets as well. buying ahead of the deals from stores like Peltz and Nautica would save you massively.

3. Use Grocery Items as Presents

Groceries don’t necessarily mean only vegetables. This also means that items that don’t get perished easily. It you are trying to save boatloads of money and bucks in your pocket, then probably the grocery would be the best gift item(s).

You can also wait for sales on the grocery items or look for the clearance items. This will get you an extra cut above the savings that you are already making.

4. Get Cashback Automatically

Whenever you are on a tight budget, then probably a penny saved would be a fortune for you. So for this, choose the stores that provide you with a cashback automatically. This is because you are going to spend more than ever during the Christmas season.

So savings and cashback provision should be an interim part of your shopping programme.

5. Buy Discounted Gift Cards

There are various ways to do this:

  1. Visit store websites like Naturaliser for discounted gift cards.
  2. Use the credit card that you provide you with pay points and cashbacks to purchase those gift cards.

When you are combining these two steps, it is very certain that you get some of the best and discounted price for the gift cards.

6. Use Shopping Rewards Websites

There are many shopping rewards websites including Couponobox which would provide you with some of the most attractive deals and offers, exclusively for you.

For example, you would want some items from Walmart. Then, just visit those sites that provide you with those deals, rewards, and offers for yourself. This would help you to save massively more.

7. Check for Price Updates Daily

Christmas is a season that would provide you with never-ending fluctuating prices. One day, you see 30% discount on an item. Next day, you suddenly see it for 50% lesser than the original.

If you want to save more, then you need to look out for these fluctuations. Not to mention for making these as your priorities. There are many brick and mortar stores those who will adjust the prices and return you back the difference.

8. Use the Unused Gifts

You may think to reuse the unused gifts, is it? But is the gift specifically crafted for you? If not, then you can reuse it for gift anytime. Have a look at the situations when it is not always preferable for reusing the gifts.

  1. When it is specifically crafted and designed for you.
  2. The receiver of the gift would get more value for it.
  3. You have the thought that the gift could be used by other people as well

9. Do Flat Rate Shipping

There are many people who have lived closed to you and you are now a family member. So if you are shipping for your loved ones, you need to make sure that you are sending them all of your wishes and cards well ahead of time.

If you are mailing it to close to the Christmas day, then probably you would end up paying for the extra overnight delivery charges. So get your single gift delivered before the holiday kicks in.

10. Plan your Own Christmas Party Potluck

If you are trying to plan a Christmas Party this year, try to plan your party potluck. When you would invite people to your party, they usually would bring some dish, beverage or something else.

So when you want to save money and still want to host your party, a potluck is the best route that you could choose.

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