According to a financial advice group, which surveyed 2,000 adults, approximately one-quarter of couples are willing to go into debt to afford their big day. On the other hand, half of those (47%) who did immediately regretted their decision. Nearly 30% of the happily married couples who borrowed money were still paying off the costs of the wedding six years after the occasion. While it is perfectly normal to want your wedding to be the most beautiful day of your life which you will remember always, thinking about debt doesn’t have to ruin your first years of marriage. Don’t worry, it is entirely possible to throw an amazing wedding party without declaring bankruptcy. Here’s how to do it.

Count Your Pennies

If it was up to the groom and the bride, you would immediately skip this step and go right to the more fun parts, such as the cake testing or wedding dress rehearsal. However, it is better to get this ugly thing off the table as soon as possible, so that you can enjoy what comes next. Here are a few budget-planning rules to live by:

  • Find out if you are alone in this or are your families going to help.
  • Based on your income, count how much you and your fiancée can save and contribute, without sacrificing your real-life expenses.
  • Estimate the guest count, compare it to the figures, and see where you need (if you need) to make cuts.
  • There are some things worth splurging on, so choose your priorities. Maybe you won’t have the most expensive wedding in the world, but you can steal some classy ideas.

Who Says the Wedding Outfit Needs to Cost a Fortune?

The proper wedding outfit is essential for both the bride and the groom, and it goes all the way from the underwear to the dress. If you are dressing up your bridesmaids and flower girls, the costs can really pile up. However, if you choose everything on time, order right away, and use Azazie coupons, sales, and other types of discounts. Also, real wedding money savers will get everything from JJShouse for a bargain, too.

Food and Drinks Will Eat a Chunk of Your Budget

Sure, there are other major expenses we’ll be discussing later, but nothing compares to food and drinks. Here you can’t skimp on quality, but you have to find the right price. Ironically, in larger cities, it will be easier to find a better offer, because of the dense competition. For example, finding affordable and delicious catering will be much easier than accomplishing the same in, let’s say, Leavenworth. As for the drinks, try to negotiate with the liquor shop to return the unopened bottles after the event. Some restaurants will offer their drinks and caterers, but don’t take their offer without considering your options.

It is Possible to Save on the Venue

The reception hall is considered to be one of the biggest budget vampires when it comes to weddings. It is a myth that it is impossible to save on this item. Here are a few ways you can do it:

  • Choose a non-weekend day for your wedding. The business is low then, and you will probably get a discount.
  • Find a venue that allows you to choose your own caterer.
  • Choose a venue that doesn’t have a “wedding reception reputation”. Some of them might include libraries, movie theaters, opera houses, botanical gardens, old houses, etc.

Budget Weddings Spell DJ as DIY

No one is trying to diminish the DJ profession when it comes to live shows, clubs, and festivals, but choosing a playlist for a wedding is not at all difficult, especially when you know that there are certain songs that are always played at receptions. Enrich the playlist with the music you love, and you’ll save up to $500. If you really want a band or a quartet to play at your reception, try to find young local artists, who are good, but willing to play for less. They will get their word of mouth, and you’ll save some bucks – win-win.

Be Your Own Wedding Planner

The average cost of hiring a wedding planner is $1500. While this little helper can save you a lot of stress, they can also take away a large portion of the lovely side of the wedding planning, not to mention your budget. You don’t have to be all alone, though, give your maid of honor, the bridesmaids, the best man, and family members chores such as tracking the costs, choosing the vendors, sending out invitations, etc.

A budget wedding doesn’t have to be a cheap one. Follow these tips to create the wedding of your dreams, without paying it off for the next six years.

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