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Father’s Day is an exciting time as it is the day for the person who mostly saves you when Mommy gets angry at you. Well, you might be celebrating his birthday each year but, Father’s Day is a special occasion when you show gratitude to the first  hero of your life. It is the day to thank him for always being there and for making you what you are. However, you do not need to get into debt to celebrate his day or to surprise him.

Dads are the best; hands down. Shopping for him is the worst though. You would always get a silly small gift for your mom but, for dad, you would be mostly clueless. You would see plenty of the best gifts & flowers discount offers but, hardly something manly and perfect for your father. Well, its time to end this confusion here. Read ahead to find some of the coolest Father’s Day gift ideas:

1. A New App + 3D Glasses

If your father is someone who always looks into newest tech instruments, he would love this 3-D and virtual reality application. It is available on most of the smart-phones these days. The thing you might not know is, the VR headset does not cost you a fortune. Get him a virtual reality glasses that bring all of his favorite apps to life without costing you an arm and a leg. Your dad would surely be obsessed with it.

2. Ice Sphere Mold

If your dad love to have a glass of scotch/whiskey, he would know that the round ice is not just for fancying the viewer. It chills the liquor evenly and melts quite slowly. The drink gets cold quickly and remains chilled for a long time, helping out your dad for tiny sips. It prevents the dilution and thus, your father would love to own one.

3. A Deep-Clean Energizing Scrub

You must be knowing how hard working your father is, right! This Father’s Day, make sure to keep your dad looking fresh with one of the top quality deep clean energizing scrub. The exfoliation helps to remove oldest dead skin cells so that your father can get the closest shave. Well, who says fathers do not like to be all groomed? They do.

4. A Spade for Ice cream Lover Father

If your dad has a sweet tooth, specifically for ice cream or desserts, give him a customized gift this big day. He would love this ‘Dad’s ice cream shovel’ engraved spoon to enjoy his tub of ice cream anytime he wants. Also, it is something that lasts longer keeping your memories with him. What could be more delicious than this present who would keep his stomach happy and his bones as funny as him?

5. Black/Brown Shoe Care Kit

Let your dad shine brighter on any of his big days. Whether it is a business meeting or a dinner date with your Mom; a shoe care kit would add to your dad’s looks by giving his shoes a perfect shine. It consists of a buffing brush, a small can of polish for ultimate shining, a polishing cloth. If you search online, you can also find a gift wrap at an affordable price. Refer to any website such as Hobby Lobby, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Footlocker etc, and find the best Father’s Day deals.

6. Barbecue Tools Gift Set

For the dad who loves his grills in every season. A barbecue set of 5 to 6 tools would definitely help him to prepare next barbecue feast for upcoming backyard barbecue evening. Let him flash his skills in front of family members and friends. The set comes with wooden handles and with a canvas cover that makes carrying it convenient. Your dad would fire up the grill in no time with your favorite veggies and meats.

7. Shaving Kit

How about gifting a shaving kit to the man who taught you (or would teach you) the art of shaving. Ensure that your father does not have to leave the house for getting a quality shave before any of his special days. You do not have to purchase a giant kit; a small kit that consists of pre-shave oil, shaving cream, a shaving brush and an after-shave balm would be enough. Also, it remains within your budget.

8. Big Beer Glass, Set of 2

If you know your dad cannot end his day without a glass of beer or two, you must get a set of a big beer glass. Surely your dad would not need a second fill as the glass would contain pretty much. Moreover, you can get it customized with dad’s monogram. Let your dad invite his best friend over and enjoy his beer with some lame jokes you hardly ever understand.

9. A Professional Book or Diary

You have seen your father making notes every now and then about many things. Help your dad to keep things organized and work according to his plans. Gift him a professional book where he can keep a check on his budget or office meeting schedules, to do list or general work. It would definitely make him happier.

10. A Candle with Classic Fragrance

If your father likes perfumes, he surely would love a candle with a mild fragrance. A candle that he can keep wherever he likes to relax in the home. It would help him to get in the right mindset after a tiring busy day. You can judge his choice by the flowers he likes or you can just get a one that man loves to have.

11. A Poker Set

Help your father impress his friends with a set of high-quality poker chips set. If you know your dad like to play poker as much as you do and accept it, he is better than you at it. Why not surprise him with a perfect poker set to get him ready for the next game? It would be a win-win situation.

12. A Coffee Mug

You should know how your dad’s day starts just like you know how it ends (with beer, whiskey or wine). As soon as the dawn cracks, if the first thing he would want is his caffeine, get this coffee mug that can keep the coffee hot or cold. A mug that he can carry to and from the office when he runs late on his busy day could be an excellent gift idea.

13. A Tie Clip

You know your father likes everything in order including his tie when he gets ready for the office or for a particular business meeting. You can get a set of tie clips or just a one personalized that has written ‘#1 Dad’ or ‘The Best Dad’ on it. Every time he wears it, he would know how much he is loved.

14. Gorillapod

For the father who is a shutterbug, the Gorillapod can be the right gift. You can tell how much your dad loves photography if you have seen how many pictures he had clicked in your childhood. Gorillapod is a flexible (or say bendable) small tripod that makes blurry photos a thing of history. Let your photography-enthusiast dad click more by gifting this Gorillapod.

15. A Classy Duffel Bag

When you know your dad travels small distance for a day or two, he needs an ideal bag to flaunt on his business journeys. A duffel bag would be the right choice for making his journey a bit easier than it has been so far. Especially, if you know your dad has been using one specific bag for years, it is time to upgrade it to one attractive and durable duffel bag that lasts longer than your dad expects.

16. A Toolkit for ‘jack-of-all’ Dad

No need of a handyman because that’s what Dad is for, after all. For a father that doubles the task as a handyman, a Mixed Tool Set would be idyllic as it has all the tools he would require to tackle a range of tasks around the house. Whether it is about doing basic repairs, cutting through boxes, or hanging pictures; this standard toolkit would equip him with nearly all the essentials he needs to do his job.

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