Black Friday is just round the corner. So, stop googling for the Black Friday date 2018 and focus on the biggest sale day of the year coming on 23rd November 2018.

How many of you have prepared a shopping list for this year’s Black Friday sale? Assuming most people are still looking for the ideas to make their list highly profitable than ever. This piece of reading has all the best categories for you to pick your list items.

Previously, Black Friday was celebrated on a single day which made those tempting offers more exclusive. However, this trend is now changed and that one-day shopping event has become a week’s festival. Moreover, most people are looking forward to shop all their desired items at much-discounted rates during the Black Friday Sales. It does make absolute sense as you can save up to $1000 on big products shopping.

1. Apple Products

Every Apple lover awaits Black Friday to upgrade their Apple iPhone, iPad, and Mac-book. Last year, we witnessed some great offers on Apple phones. Black Friday has really great deals on this premium brand.

Apple Products

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This year these deals are going even more luring as Walmart is offering $400 gift card on purchase of iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X. Also, don’t forget about the style icon Apple watches. Upgrade your old watch with Apple Watch Series and enjoy the saving of $80 this Friday. You can save up to $80 and $250 on iPad and Mac-Books respectively.

2. TVs


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TV’s deals are already hitting the store with amazing discounts up to 45% Off on 4K sets. TV brands with great offers till now are on Samsung, LG, Vizio, Costco and a few more. But, this is just the start of the November deals and the Big day is yet to arrive. This Black Friday you will get the great TV deals on the major TV brands. Also, it is predicted that curved TV deals may go up to 75%. I think I should Upgrade my TV set too.

3. Laptops


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No wonder why people wait all year for November deals. These deals are all very catchy and tempting that I feel like updating all my gadgets too. You cannot compare anything with the Apple brand yet if you are a fan of any other gadget company, this time is equally lucky for you as well. All the major laptop making companies roles out great discounts on their last generation products while a few do offer some discounts on latest products too. You can shop for Intel Electron-equipped builds at Dell for $130 and Chrome-books at Best Buy or Amazon for just $100. So this year you have all the exclusive deals for the techie guys.

4. Video games

video games

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2018 Black Friday is going to bring some mouthwatering deals for all the gamers. Video games are among the most desired products every year. Gamers of every age are eyeing to get their favorite deals every November. One of the most observed deals so far on the gaming racks are video games console deals. Due to tough competition between Walmart and Target, some console deals were on the discounts up to 50%. Gamers don’t be disappointed as deals are not ending yet, Black Friday is expected to kickoff never-before deals on Sony PlayStation 4 Pro, Nintendo Switch and many more video games.

5. Kitchen Appliance

Kitchen Appliance

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Ladies, you must be awaiting all round the year to get your coffee maker or mixer-grinder replaced with a brand new one this festive season. Well, your wait is over now, Black Friday deal on appliances is more generous this year. There are deals from expensive cookware to small appliances including almost every kitchen necessities products. This Black Friday, Kohl’s and Macy’s are expected to offer the best deals than other. One of the best places to shop exclusive kitchen appliance deals is Walmart.

6. Exercising Equipment

Exercising Equipment

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Every new year resolution list is filled with fitness or exercising resolves for the coming year. Well, I always start with one and tends to lose its track somewhere in the middle. If you are also like me, you are going to get the best Black Friday offers on exercising Equipment this time. It is expected to have a hefty discount on most of the fitness equipment like Exercise Bike, Cardio Equipment, and other weight lifting equipment. It can go up to 25%.

7. Gift cards

Gift cards

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One of the smartest Black Friday shopping deals every year is on Gift cards. This time of year is great to grab your favorite store gift card at discount rates and enjoy shopping at discounted prices later during the year. Traditionally gift card deals vary between 10% to 15% but, this Black Friday Gift cards deals is expected to give up to 25% off. So, Don’t wait for Christmas and start looking for the best deals on your favorite brands.

8. Winter Clothing

Winter Clothing

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A deal season cannot get over without our most favorite clothing discounts. I happen to shop for my entire year clothing during Black Friday sales. However, clothing is something that often gets discounts like clearance and off-season sales. If you want the latest fashion which is too pricey for the festive time Black Friday sale is the best time to rob that expensive brand jackets. In case you are not in need of winter wear at this time, wait for the post New Year sale as it has the biggest discount on coats and jackets.

9. Footwear


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No wonder why Black Friday is sometimes more awaited than Thanksgiving. Brands like Adidas and Nike take pride by introducing their best sale of the year during the festive time of the year. Black Friday footwear sale is exclusive as it is very rare to find such popular brands offering huge discounts on their latest products. So wait for this Friday to hit your nearest showroom. Also, add a gift card to get even better deals.

10. Handbags


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Ladies hold your breath its shopping time. How long have you been gazing that pretty handbag? This Black Friday is the time to shop the designer brand arm candies to pair up with your lovely festive attire. You will get the mind-blowing deals on brands like Stella McCartney, Coach and Kate Spade. You can save 30% to 40 % on the original value of the stunning handbags.


Black Friday deals are always one of the exciting factor boosting the festive spirit. Besides, Americans are obsessed with the deals and love to save money whenever possible. Christmas is time to gift your loved ones the token of love. So if your husband or wife is looking forward to some exciting gifts this year, don’t wait till the end as Black Friday is here to help you save and enjoy the awesome deals on almost everything.

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