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With the advent of the year’s most awaited movie Avengers: Endgame, it is certainly ready to mark the end of an era. The curtain to the climax will be finally up after 11 years of storytelling from the MCU.

Though not much is shown in the trailer, it is raising a lot of curiosity in the audience. Yes! We do believe in our heroes and they sure have a plan to save the universe. But, what it is? The Avengers: Endgame marketers have carefully curated what to reveal as not to break the desire to learn what’s next.

But, when at the end of the infinity war Thanos snapped his fingers and wiped out half of the entire population, the audience is left baffled after seeing most of their favorite superheroes die. Hence, the question arises: Is it still worth watching Avengers: Endgame?

So, let’s look into some of the important reasons as to why every Avengers fan should not skip out on the Avengers: Endgame.

Ultimate Power Show Of Six Infinity Stones


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As you have seen at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, the mad Titan Thanos possess all the six powerful stones and revealed its ultimate power. Although this left the Infinity Gauntlet burned and shriveled, the escape of the Thanos proved the working of Gauntlet. However, you might have observed a brand new Thanos’ arm in the revealed part of Endgame. This left us wondering does Thanos know how to fix the Gauntlet or what next he will do with the power-pack stones studded Gauntlet. Moreover, this could also be a strategy of marketers to inflict excitement in the audience. Why don’t you find it by yourself?

Who Dies And Who Lives

After the Thanos snap, the whipping of your favorite heroes was too sad to take in. But, Avengers: Endgame might involve a lot more tissues and tears rolling as many fans theories say that this may be the end of Captain America. How will this end or will he be the only Avenger to die? Also, this movie has been teased, as a concluding part of the decade of stories. So, it is certain to speculate the losses of crucial characters. One advice will be that be ready to take the emotional roller coaster while watching this movie.

Is Time Travel a New Avengers Strategy

From the Avengers: Endgame trailer and fan theories, you can decode that perhaps time travel plays a crucial part in the Avengers’ battle against Thanos in this movie. Also, some of the leaked photos have led people to think that Avengers will be traveling through time. According to comic book, time travel seems to be the only predictable way to end the infinity war. Moreover, the dreadful snap that killed half the universe left the superheroes scattered. So, it will be captivating to watch the Avengers go back in time to alter history.

Thanos Is Not The Only Villain

Thanos Is Not The Only Villain

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Don’t you think even the most powerful person needs a helping hand? As you have seen Thanos was the main villain in the infinity war, this might not be the case in the succeeding part of the series. Though the Black Order in Infinity War helped Thanos, he was not much of a character there. Besides, there are rumors that Thanos will not be alone in the Endgame. In fact, we have not seen much of him in the trailer. Although it has not been officially confirmed, the promotional materials suggest that there might be someone else to share the spotlight. So, get ready to get the double bang this time.

The Unrevealed Secrets Of Thanos’ Snap

The end of Infinity War has left all of us in shock with just a snap moment. But, it has also led many fans to wonder are the heroes truly dead. Fans are breaking the internet with the argument of popular characters such as Spider-Man and Black Panther are likely to come back or not. Also, there are theories of transporting them to the Soul Stone rather than dying. It is difficult to foretell anything but this is a huge focal point of the movie.

Hulk’s Mysteries Character

Hulk’s Mysteries Character

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Being one of the most powerful characters in the MCU, we really missed our favorite Hulk. He refused to come out after Thanos kicked his ass in the start of Infinity War. In whatever degree, Bruce Banner was in danger but Hulk didn’t fight. Moreover, we haven’t seen him in any of the major posters and he has not been in action for much of the marketing materials of Endgame. However, we do saw him in action figure form or some art but we are certainly bewildered about marketers not showing off Hulk. How the things turned for him until now in the three parts of the movie may indicate a concluding storyline for him. We can only hope to have a contended appearance of him in Endgame.

Is this the end?

The beginning of the end has begun. Or, is it the start of a new era? Endgame is at a complicated stage, as it needs to show a new path to the viewers. With the decade of storytelling, here also the fans are expecting to get some indication of what to expect for the next few years. Will the end game set up some plot for its coming projects? Are we suppose to expect a new Avengers team or a shocking post-credits scene?

Ant-man – Ray of hope

Ant-man – Ray of hope

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In the trailer, perhaps you noticed Scott Lang’s appearance alongside Peter Parker when Bruce Banner was eying on the snapped victims. But, we are already aware that he survived the tragedy as he was stuck in the Quantum Realm and managed to rescue himself. There are many talks about him being the key member to reverse the annihilation. So if Ant-man is joining the Avenger team, it sure does have a lot of expectation from the Avenger fans.

Wrapping up:

Marvel has made us cling to the story for long. Infinity War left us with floods of unanswered questions and an unpredictable ending. Now with the upcoming sequel, we can only speculate the scenarios, as not much is known about the movie. Doesn’t this make the movie more exciting to watch?

Fortunately, it is time to put rest to all the curiosity. With such grand popularity, you cannot expect the ticket to be any cheaper so make sure to take advantage of CouponoBox and get a discount coupon before booking your show on 26th April, 2019. Let’s watch the movie, whatever it takes!

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