There was a time when ordering food to your doorsteps was like a dream. Thanks to modern-day technology, food lover like me who are always hungry can survive in today’s world without much difficulty. God bless the man who created the incredible food apps, otherwise, I would have starved to death.

Nowadays, food apps have become an essential part of our routine life. Also, ordering food has become so much convenient using food apps as compared to the traditional food ordering process.

A few years back, if you wanted to order food from your favorite place, it was so time-consuming and chaotic. Even after waiting for long hours, sometimes you don’t get what you were craving. It used to leave you with only two choices either change the place or cook food at home forgetting your desire to eat the restaurant’s delicious food. Fortunately, now it’s more convenient to order food than visiting the restaurant or cooking at home.

So, how often do you order food using food apps? In my case, I order food when I am running late from office or when I want to work late at night or when I crave sweet bites or when I have visitors coming home and frankly almost every day!!!

Okay, let me confess! I don’t know how to cook. Consequently, food apps have become my best friend who never lets me sleep empty stomach.

I have tried and tested almost every food apps that ever came to my notice. Some of them were amazing while a few of them were not reliable. I have been using, these apps for almost a couple of years now. The reason why I am sharing this with you is that you get information on authentic and the best food apps. So let’s get started!

1. Seamless: The limitless

You must be familiar with the Seamless food delivery apps. It is the most popular online food delivery app all around the US. I like food apps that are easy to operate and provides instant assistance when in need. Seamless has got both of these qualities exceptionally well. The biggest plus point of this apps is that it works in most of the US States, unlike many other local apps that don’t work for other states.

Seamless partners with almost every famous restaurants in the city to bestow you a great range of options so that you can decide your dinner, brunch or any meal without trouble. You can also check the new buzz of the town or exclusive deals on various restaurants and stores in just one click. You can download seamless free of cost. Only a few of eatery has a minimum order cost and rest everything is easily accessible and affordable with Seamless.

2. Foodler: The Fondler

Just like a caring mother, Foodler cares about each of its customers kindheartedly. It is an ideal food delivery app for non-techno people like me. It enables easy swapping between multiple menus of all the major food places near you.  Foodler helps you find the best food option to satisfy your craving.  Foodler is also widely used in the US states as it is successfully working in more than 4000 cities of the US states. The first time, when I used Foodler for ordering Pizza from a Jet’s Pizza, I was surprised to receive my order quickly and hot served which made me Foodler fan.


Earning while eating is again a cool thing about Foodler app. You can earn reward to your account on every food orders. So, if you want to order a free pizza, pay using Foodler rewarded points and get the free deals. If you like to deal in Bitcoins, Foodler is your food app. There is two additional option for payment and they are Bitcoins and Foodler bucks. Download the app for free and get an amazing discount on your first order.

3. UberEats: The Popular Beats

 Uber is not a new name for anyone living in the US. Also, it already has brand name power over the Food Apps world. UberEats has gained trust from its users since the day it launched. UberEats has an outstanding app interface which is very convenient to use just like its cab app. UberEats is accessible globally and has partners all around the world. No matter which city or country you travel, you will still find UberEats service near you.


I save UberEats to order food whenever there is a quest or booster offers available to use. Like every good thing that comes with a cost, UberEats come with $5 delivery cost on its every food delivery orders.

4. GrubHub: The Ultimate Package

It is a dream come true for every food lover who wants to eat any time of the day. GrubHub is among the top ten Food delivery app of the US. You just have to enter the name of the food that you are craving and select from the exact available options near you with the app. It also shares the estimated delivery time to help you know exactly when you can get to eat. GrubHub is available in more than 900 cities around the US states. Hence, it is good to have this app while traveling to other cities.

Take the help of reviews givens by the customers for the food quality before you order the food, I always do this. When you can learn from other people’s experience, why to make same errors for yourself? I love to read customers’ review as some of them suggest the best dishes to order and not-to-dare dishes names in their review and save you from making any mistakes. Get thousands of delicious options from all the local and international food chains like toppers, Domino’s, KFC, Sweet tomatoes and many more.

5. Munchery: A Healthy Supplier

This is an extraordinary food app for all the health freaks. I use Munchery only when I want to eat something healthy. The limitation of the app is that it works only in big cities like San Francisco, Los-Angeles, Seattle and New York. I love Munchery for its healthy options and freshly made food quality. Munchery is considered the best app for health conscious people. Also, it is doing its work well by connecting many local healthy food suppliers and customers.

Besides, being a healthy choice, it also helps us to donate some share to the local food bank. This is an unusual feature of this apps because every one of us wants to help people around us. And, what is better than donating food to someone in need while ordering food for yourself.

6. EAT24: Making it Possible

I can brag all day about EAT24 concerning its services. This app provides regular discounts and coupon services to its customers. I travel a lot, therefore, I have a habit of storing multiple food apps on my phone. In case one doesn’t work at my current location, I can use the other. However, Eat24 is one such app that has served me in most of the locations. Also, I enjoy money-saving deals on every weekend orders.

eat24Eat24 is functional in more than 1500 US cities and partnered with more than 20,000 restaurants. It has a unique feature named “What’s good”, which suggests you the best dishes based on the reviews given by the customers. It also helps you with the local tips to explore food near you. You can download Eat24 from the app store for free. Generally, it provides welcome offers to its first-time users like discount up to $10 on first food order using the app.

7. DoorDash: Bang on Food App

After trying so many food apps from varied locations of the US States, I recommend DoorDash is a must-have app for every foodie living in big cities.  Staying in big cities is not easy but having a handy budget-friendly app to fuel your body is easy using DoorDash.

You can order food anytime and anywhere using DoorDash and also get the best food quality at your doorsteps in just a few clicks. The home page of the app shows every open and trending options available near your location. It has 45 minutes estimated delivery time claimed by DoorDash. Hence you get your ordered food faster than any other app. If you live in cities like Boston, Chicago, and Houston then DoorDash is the best food delivery app for you.

All the above mentioned are my favorite apps that I have been using so far. All of these have some or the other smart features which gives their users the best experience. I consider those food delivery apps which help me save some money on food orders. All the above apps allow you to use coupons and roll out various discounts every now and then on food orders. For more saving, you can sign up for the delight memberships programs offered on these apps. Hence, you can get sweet treats almost free of cost on your most orders. Some of the local food delivery options such as and Chownow are similar to apps and works great if you want to save some money.

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