St. Patrick’s day is around the corner and probably, you would be as excited as Christmas to celebrate it. Well, who does not like to bring some Irish fortune with all the green atmosphere? Although you do not have to buy gifts for your loved ones just like you do on Christmas day and Valentine’s day, you are most likely to end up with excessive spending.

So, what to do when you are keen to celebrate your inner Irish and also want to save a buck in all the possible ways? If you try, you can find some frugal ways but, you do not need to as there are a few simple ways to celebrate this big day with less expense:

1. Have Homemade St. Patrick’s Day Themed Food Instead of Ordering it

The most known and simplest way of celebrating this day is to consider as much green as possible in everything you do. The easiest way to throw an inexpensive party is to cook green food at home. You can have many options such as getting green vegetable and fruits to green food color. There are plenty of chances to make your meals green. Adding slight green color to your normal food can serve the purpose. For example, green eggs or pudding. How about whipping cupcakes with a green frosting? Or minted mojito in cocktails?

You can make the food more traditional by adding roasted or corned beef to the meal when you invite your friends and families. Not every food dyed green looks good but there can be several dishes. Serve delicious food along with preserving Irish tradition and saving some money too.

2. Host The Party at Home For a Great (and also affordable) Atmosphere

Party arrangements at any other place can be too tedious and be tiring but in your own home. Because you must be aware of the way alcohol is being served at restaurants and bars and it is notoriously crazy on St. Patrick’s Day. So what you can do best is to have a party at home which good for your saneness as well as for your pocket.

You can have a small party with your friends and family in your own comfort zone called home. This way, you can avoid the crowds and charges of the bar. You would be able to buy your choice of food & drinks at home and that would definitely cost way lesser than all that you spend at outer parties. So, if you have all the plans to party that day, this idea can spare a lot of your cash.

3. Surf Your Closet and Integrate Your Clothing Style

The fun part of this day that everyone enjoys the most is funky green dressing. Instead of running to a store, surf your closet first in order to save some money. It is not compulsory to wear everything green. You can combine green with white or green with black so, search out green shirts, pants, leggings and tops or T-shirts. Take out some of your favorite outfits and compile any of them with a green colored dress.

As it is said earlier, there’s no need for you to be head-to-toe in the green. You can maintain the tradition by just getting a green scarf or a tie around your neck, a green hat or socks or just a green top/T-shirt. So, you can celebrate the day by just having a signature style on yourself.

4. Put Low-Priced and Used Decorative Stuff for Green Decoration

Decoration might not be on your priority list to get the things done when you would be preparing for St. Patrick’s Day. But it is essential to have that festive feel. You do not have to higher an electrician to have an ostentatious decoration. You can use the strips of green tissue papers or get multicolored strips to create a rainbow that leads to a pot of gold. You can fill the post of gold with gold foil-wrapped candies and chocolates.

Also, if you have stored green lights that you used for Christmas decoration, (Hopefully it is not still hanging out there after two-plus months of Christmas) use them to decorate your home for St. Patrick’s Day. You can also use cool LED lights to have a captivating look of your home and surroundings.

5. Use Emails Instead of Paper-Card Invitations

Written invitations are always a fun part as you write, send and receive cards physically. But, trust me, after a while they would end up in the trash. So, why would you waste your hard-earned money? A much inexpensive and easygoing way is, invite your friends to the party through text messages or emails. You would surely get as much response as much you get in paper invitations. Then why to throw away your cash when you have a handy and simple way to invite people to St. Patrick’s Day party?

After all, St. Patrick’s Day is the most awaited day to have fun with friends and families after Christmas and New Year’s evenings. But with all the decorations, clothes, food and beverages, and entertainment, it has definitive chances of costing you hundreds of dollars if you be a little careless. So make your party a hit with taking care of above-given points and save a few bucks to make yourself happier.

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