The memory of last year’s Christmas must have started to splash in. Everything you did and everything you wanted to do but couldn’t do is flashing up in the back of your memory. Well, the opportunity is here again. You can make this year’s Christmas one of the best Christmas ever. It really doesn’t matter where you live or how much space you have in your house Christmas can always be celebrated the way it should be. If you want Christmas to happen and have enough of Christmas spirit, it will definitely come to you in the most surprising ways.

I remember, a couple of years back I was in a small city near Atlanta. Christmas was on its edge and, I was too late to find my perfect Christmas tree. For me, the Christmas tree is a very important tradition. In fact, my Christmas is incomplete without it. I did look out for a real tree, but nothing was good enough to be my Christmas tree that year. I was disappointed and lost hope of getting a perfect Christmas tree that year. Fortunately, a local friend suggested me to have a look at the artificial tree as she always uses a fake tree for Christmas. She strongly supports save tree campaigns as she doesn’t prefer to chop down a living tree in the name of the Christmas. I was skeptical at first but had no choice left. Hence, I did order a fake tree that year for my Christmas celebration. I was astonished to see how real it appeared. Everything was perfect, the shape, color, and feel; my family loved it. I realized how I can have the Christmas spirit and preserve nature together. Since then, I always order an artificial tree. The best part is you can order these trees from any online home & garden stores.

You will be amazed to find various cool options and types of artificial Christmas tree available in the market. Isn’t it a great feeling to get a perfect tree with the pride of not contributing to the deforestation?

Let’s have a look at some of the best Artificial Christmas trees. We’ll start with my favorites!

1. Flocked Christmas Tree

This is one of my favorite Christmas trees. I bought the very same tree last year. The branches look so real and natural that your guest can’t even make out if it is real or fake. It is available in three heights that is six feet with 49 inches wideness; seven feet with 55 inches wideness; and seven and a half feet with 57 inches wideness. You will love the flocking over the tree which looks amazing and perfect just like a real tree sprinkled with snow. You can place it in the room and even outside. The pine corns are natural touch making the tree look more attractive and beautiful.

Flocked Christmas Tree

You can decorate the tree with lights and ornaments just like you do to real ones. The assembling and disassembling is very easy. It comes with sturdy folding metal tree stand that offers good support to the tree even if you load it up with the ornaments. The tree is fireproof and much affordable especially when you can reuse the same tree many years to come. However. I prefer changing the tree every year. If you love this amazing surreal artificial Christmas tree, you can buy it from here.

2. Carolina Pine Tree

It is easy to assemble with its four sections along with the full metal body with accessible folding stand. Like other artificial trees, this one is also a made with fireproof material. Carolina Pine is non-allergenic tree hence, its kids friendly and your kids can run around with no fear. The packing given with this tree is reusable storage carton hence you don’t have to worry about its storage after Christmas.

Carolina Pine Tree

Moreover, you can look for gifts and decorations section at stores like Target to find suitable decoration items for your artificial tree. So, are you willing to grab this tree for your this year’s Christmas? If yes, buy it from here.

3. Bellevue Spruce

I saw this tree at one of my friend’s house who lives in southern California. This tree was wonderful with its green shades which seemed so real. You can buy it in four different sizes and heights from online stores like Amazon or Best Buy. The tree is completely filled with pure PVC classic needles for the fullness. Depending on its height and size, the tree has branches has pre-strung clear or LED lights options for easier decoration.

Bellevue Spruce

The artificial spruces come with three years of warranty, tree stand; two storage bag; cotton gloves to handle the tree; extra bulbs and fuses; and also an on/off foot pedal to light up the tree easily. The twinkling lights itself make the tree too appealing that if you don’t do the decorating, it still look complete. If you want to buy this breathtaking tree for your this year Christmas, buy it from here.

4. GE Dual Color Light Norway Spruce

Some people love to have clear lights while some prefer color lights for their Christmas tree. If you are among the second category, Norway spruce is the one for you. It is filled with several color light bulbs which makes it tree best choice for Christmas fans who likes a lot of color to their tree. You can get this tree in two different heights of 7.5 feet and 9 feet, pick you kind of perfect tree.

GE Dual Color Light Norway Spruce

It is so near to real trees that you will find it difficult to differentiate between real and fake. This perfectly shaped tree along with nice fuller branches will give to your house positive Christmassy vibes. Also, I have seen a few great option son a online store named Hayneedle so if you want, have a peek there as well. If this Norway Spruce has caught your attention, you can buy it from here.

5. Downswept Douglas Fir Tree

Douglas fir is among the most popular artificial Christmas tree. It looks perfect place in any corner of your house the pre-strung lights are a great time saver and saves you from perfect lighting alignment hassles. You can choose from the options of the color or clear lights depending on your family preferences. The tree comes in three height options. Mostly these come in higher sizes hence if you have big space for Christmas tree, you must order this beautiful tree for this year’s Christmas celebration.

Downswept Douglas Fir Tree

If you will touch the branches, you will find to too real because of it’s Feel Real technology. Its sturdy metal stands balance the tree well and does allow it to fall even when loaded up with the ornaments. This tree is fire resistance and non-allergenic in nature. Also, it comes with a reusable storage carton with an easy to handle manual guide. If Douglas Fir is your pick this year, you can buy it from here.

All of these trees are mind blowing and will give to almost real feel when placed in your house. With the lifestyle we live in today’s world, an artificial tree is boon to cheer up the Christmas spirit within you. Christmas is about Christmas trees, gifts and decorations to cheer you up and feel beautiful in every sense. Hope you enjoyed the read and found given information helpful in choosing the right fit for 2018’s Christmas. Do share your thoughts on the same and Merry Christmas in advance!

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