Thanksgiving is arriving soon. It is the first holiday of the festive season hence, it holds a special significance. The roasted turkeys, pumpkin pies and family/friends gathering make this day more enjoyable. Thanksgiving dinner invites are all out, you must be planning to meet your near and dear ones. This holiday is one of my favorites as it’s a reminder to be grateful for everything you have in your life. I love the idea of cooking and eating together. Therefore, I always host Thanksgiving dinner for my family and friends.

Thanksgiving gifts are the token of love that guests present to their hostess for the efforts taken to serve them a great meal and a wonderful time. Your host will definitively love to receive a thank-you gesture form you. I am very sure, you don’t want to show up empty-handed for the lovely gestures and tasty food served by your Thanksgiving hostess. Wine bottles are not anymore a perfect hostess gift.

Moreover, there are so many money saving deals on gifts currently available in the markets which give you an entirely new range of gifts to present to your host. This time Thanksgiving will be equally remarkable for the host and the guest, with these incredible hostess gift ideas.

Let’s have a look at the unique and best hostess gift thoughts for this Thanksgiving.

Read on!

1. Custom Candles

Who doesn’t like the candle? During this festive time candle is among the soothing elements in the house. There are several candle option in the market. For instance, Yankee candles are the best source to get custom designed or Thanksgiving theme aromatic candles. Moreover, you get the seasonal discounts on candles to best fit your budget. Choose a perfect set of candles which can also be used during dinner time.

Custom Candles

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2. Aromatic Hand Wash

You may find this a little weird in this list but trust me this is something every host will love to have. Only a few people spend money on nice luxurious hand-wash or body wash for themselves. Therefore, it is a perfect gift to receive from others. So gifting an aromatic hand-wash is definitely a good choice for this Thanksgiving.

Aromatic Hand Wash

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3. Custom Handmade Tea Towel

It’s a lovely gesture to gift your host a custom designed hand towel. A lot of people would be bringing wine bottles to the host but, it is an old custom now. I personally don’t like to have excess wine bottles to store. Instead, a useful hand towel would be perfect to complete the tea party table look for future events. You can also get a Thanksgiving custom designed napkin to help upgrade the dinner table look according to the theme.

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4. Comfy Throw Blanket

It feels great to cozy up in the warm blanket after the heavy Thanksgiving dinner. A cute Thanksgiving designed blanket is an impressive choice to gift to your hostess this Thanksgiving. Also, you can print the hostess name or a brief thank-you message on the blanket to make it more personal and heart-touching. This is a gift of memory that will last forever.

Comfy Throw Blanket

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5. Coffee Beans

Everybody loves coffee. If your hostess is a die-hard coffee lover then, coffee beans are perfect Thanksgiving gift for them. The urge for caffeine can instantly satisfy with excellent high-quality coffee beans. You must buy a premium quality beans for the lovely hostess of the Thanksgiving dinner.

Coffee Beans

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6. Thanksgiving Customized Kitchenware

One good thing about the festival is you get the custom designs almost everywhere around you. Kitchenware is a something that is perfect to gift at family Thanksgiving dinners. These are always embraced therefore, a personalized Thanksgiving platter or serving bowls are a great choice to show your gratitude towards your host. You can also gift a nice set of cheese cutter or serving utensil to your host for future dinner hosting.

Thanksgiving Customized Kitchenware

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7. Custom Cutting Board

I know a family that has everything in their kitchen in Thanksgiving themed. You may find these too much but, the fact is people take Thanksgiving very seriously. Some people also love to have Thanksgiving touch on almost everything and everyday utility items. Cutting board is one of the usual item used in the kitchen on a daily basis, therefore, it is a good reminder throughout the year to be thankful for everything you have in your life. Besides, a cutting board is a useful item for everybody.

Custom Cutting Board

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8. Plants

This is one of my all-time favorite gift to give and take both ways. With the constant busy and hectic work-life, you hardly get any time to relax and enjoy nature. Therefore a beautiful indoor plant is perfect to evoke you of nature’s beauty and miracles. You can easily order one for yourself and your hostess using online stores like FTD and Amazon. Also, using coupons on your purchase will save you money on your gift. Some great gifting plants are Amaryllis, Orchids, Bamboo and Lavender.


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9. Wine glasses

Most people bring wine bottles for their host during a party. Therefore,wine glasses is proved to be the most thoughtful gift for Thanksgiving. Wine glasses come in various size, design, and prices. A unique set of the wine glasses can make the day of your hostess. Few things are always needed just like stylish wine glasses. Moreover, glasses are useful on almost every time of the year. A beautiful glass set is an amazing pick for the Thanksgiving hostess.

wine glasses

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10. Apron

Until the dinner is served the host is in the constant rush. Moving in and out from the kitchen can be risky for the hostess party attire. Having a premium thanksgiving high-quality apron can look fantastic on the host even during the pre-dinner rush time. An apron is clearly a useful and thoughtful gift for your host. According to your relationship with the hostess, you can choose the apron design from the floral and textures. Moreover, it shows your observation and care for the little needs of daily life.


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11. Vitruvi Stone Diffuser

To enhance the house ambiance a premium quality stone diffuser is just the right choice. This gift can impress your host for a longer term by refreshing their home environment with varying aromatic essential oil aromas. It helps your host to unwind after the busy holiday time. This type of diffuser spreads the positivity and freshness in the air of your hostess home and helps to stay calm and relaxed.

Vitruvi Stone Diffuser

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12. Fall Wreath

Thanksgiving is the start of the festive season. Many people start their Christmas decoration from the Thanksgiving day. A nice fall wreath can be a thoughtful touch to your host front door. This is a memorable gift that expresses your joy of meeting the family or friends for the Thanksgiving feast. Also, a wreath very festive and traditional way to welcome the festival season. Thus this is clearly a perfect Thanksgiving hostess gift.

Fall WreathImage Source

13. Designer Wine Opener

You may find wine opener a simple addition to this list. However, you will be astounded to find various breathtaking wine openers in the market. A fancy or vintage style wine opener is a classic gift to your host. You can choose from exclusive to simple designs. At the same time, don’t get surprised by the cost of these designer wine openers as luxury comes with a high price tag.

Designer Wine Opener

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14. Who in the Room? Party Game

We often meet new friends or new family members during Thanksgiving time. We share the dinner table but, don’t know each other enough. A fun game after the dinner is a great way to get familiar with each other. Moreover, an entertaining game as a gift to your host is an excellent idea. Your host will love to see their guest enjoying and getting to know each other better than before. Who in the Room? This game has around 300 hundred questions that are a mix of awkward, hilarious, and everything in between to each other while playing. Your host will be happy to have a gift like this.

Party Game

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15. Reed Diffuser:

Again a great idea to bloom the freshness in the environment. Reed diffuser is great for families with small kids as it has no flame, no plug-in but just the delighting aroma. Many people have a habit of forgetting to blow-off the candle after its use. Therefore, the reed diffuser is the perfect fit for them. Besides, a gift that soothes your host’s brain and body is always a great choice.

reed diffuser

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I hope you liked the above ideas. It doesn’t matter if your Thanksgiving is a fancy dinner or casual family time, you will definitely get an appropriate gift for the occasion. It’s never about the cost of the gift, it’s always about the thought behind your gift. Therefore, always be mindful about your gifting idea and be a good guest. Show your gratitude and love towards your Thanksgiving hostess by gifting something worthy and thoughtful.

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog and find the above suggestions useful.

Happy Thanksgiving  in advance!

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