This Fall 2018 Bridal Fashion Week was full of glamour, innovation, and boldness. There we witnessed some of the mind-blowing wedding dresses of the year. I must say those were breath-taking!

I hope you have made up your mind on your D-Day dress. In case you haven’t, let me shed some light for you to understand the latest bridal trend a little better. There are some extraordinary addition in the bridal fashion which you must know. To be a bride is once in a lifetime experience. Therefore, it has to be the most perfect moment of your life. This is exactly why your wedding dress has to be the prettiest outfit in your entire life. Picking the right one is a big project but you must not worry even a little as I am going to provide you with a whole new list of popular trends of 2018.

Become a white little riding hood with these bridal Capes and Capelets

If you are not much of a traditional bride type, try on the Cape wedding dress. These are best for brides who love to add the mysterious and unique look to their wedding dress. This is the best alternative to veils and looks more modern. Capes wedding dresses are easy to pull off and works great for the ladies who prefer to look stunning and subtle both at a time. So cape is definitely something which modern day bride would want to wear on her wedding day.

Bows: A Perfect Wedding Dress Accessory

Do you find this style new? I am sure you may be in love with bows since childhood. A bow is an ultimate style to transfer any simple dress into a magnificent outfit. This year designers have showcased each and every type of bows in their collections. The cascading shoulder bows were among the most appraised. It was so astonishing to see bows in various styles and sizes. Definitely, designers seem to have gone way too creative with the bows this year. I am sure you will love to add one to your wedding dress too.

Cinderella Tale

Yeah! You heard me right. Cinderella style ball gown is in again. And this time they are even bigger and fuller than ever before. Weddings have always resembled fairy-tales and Cinderella dress is every women dream. When walking down the aisle a ball gown wedding dress will give you a feel of real-life Cinderella who is about to tie knot with her prince charming. This bridal fashion week had some wonderful ball gown dresses which had patterns, strips and embellishment work. If you want to be a bride like Cinderella, this year has some really exquisite options for you.

Play with the Sleeves

Bridal fashion week was never as bold as this time. You must take a look at the split sleeves, detachable sleeves, bell shape sleeves or a fluffy arm warmer. Having stylish sleeves can make your entrance enchanting and elegant. Do you remember Elsa, the snow queen, from the movie frozen? Isn’t her sky blue frozen dress was mesmerizing? The sleeves were different and unique which made Elsa look so elegant and beautiful. So, just think out of the box and explore the newest collection with varied styles of sleeves.

Black is the New-fangled

Black is the innovative addition in the bridal fashion week. You can add a black belt, bow, or a full black ball gown skirt to your wedding day dress. This time creativity is at its height and black is the new white. To leave some style footprints or to add a pinch of fearlessness to your bridal look, consider a little black element in your bridal wardrobe. You can do this without any hesitation because black is not negative but a refined and powerful statement.

Evergreen Corsets

The corset is all time love of every lady as it highlights the narrow waist and provides sexier look. The sheer dresses along with the corsets looked outstanding on the runway. You can pair up a corset fit with a ball gown skirt made of sheer fabric or keep it sexy and figure kissing with a curve-skimming silhouette. It is no crime to look sexy on your wedding day as it is the time when you want to feel most precious and beautiful. So, the ladies corset are very popular because sexy is never going out of style.

Forever Love of Pearls

I am not surprised to find pearl as the most ravishing component in the bridal collections 2018. If you are looking something extravagant and graceful, it is none other than pearls. Even a simple pearl necklace can transform your entire look. Pearls are the symbol of purity, generosity, integrity, and loyalty. These are also the basics that any relationship should be based on. There is nothing better than starting your relationship with looking like a goddess from heaven. A few of the most popular pearl dresses from this year were Lela Rose Spring 2018, Reem Acra Spring 2018 and Theia Spring 2018.

Sparkling Nude & Pink

Pure white is more of a traditional look but every bride is unique and special hence she has got every right to get exceptions. This year bridal wardrobe can use shades of nude and pink. If you are one of the brides who loves color, then turn up your white wedding dress into something special. You must have remembered the millennial pink pattern that appeared in most of the bridal collections this year. From splashy deep pink embroidery to pink blush shade all looked exciting on the runway. You can also find some wonderful wedding dress in the shades of nude color. Being a bride is no more restricted to only white rule.

Not so Traditional Brides

Bridal designers have left no stone unturned this time. Every woman has something for her with utmost grace and style. Suits are always loved and considered as the most professional and respected attire for any women. If your love for the suit is way beyond then this is definitely your piece of cake. It is sophisticated, elegant and undeniably audacious. Wedding suits are the perfect outfit for after parties, rehearsal dinners and even for the wedding ceremony.

If not suit there are a few amazing bridal pants and jumpsuits in the latest trend for you to consider. A bride can choose anything she wants. Also, if you wish to have a remarkable wedding, your dress has to be unique too. It is no surprise to see such a great transition in the modern day bride attire because change is good.

The Royal Essence

There is no wonder in how a clean and refined dress can bring out your royal side. There are a few dresses that are simple yet so elegant just like Megan Markle wedding dress. No lace, beading, or applique can match up with the outcome of simple plane white Bohemian dress. Don’t be fooled by the word simple because the simplest dress requires the more detailing and finishing than any other. Therefore, if you want to rock like Megan, you can find your perfect dress from the stores like jjshouse that bring out the latest trend at the best cost.

Shades of Blue

Something blue never looked this good. Designers thought out of the box and came up with all new range of varied blue shade dresses. These blues are the perfect fit for outdoor wedding and even for royal ballroom dance. Brides never had this many options before. Why worry about something blue when you can have everything in blue! Hayley Paige and Gracy Accad have shown their blue love very impressively in this fall 2018 bridal fashion week.

Necklines the Soul of Wedding Dress

This bridal fashion week unconcealed some extraordinary neckline esthétique. Fabrics and different shapes played an important role in redefining the old bridal looks into fresh blazing styles. There was so many new and different neckline style to choose from like the halter neckline, heavy bordered, sweetheart neckline and many more. Moreover, you can always add some layered jewelry to your deep neckline dresses to make it more appealing. Embroidered neckline made a significant statement on the runway this year, therefore, do check out these before making your final judgment.

Shine and Shimmer

If you are talking about a wedding, shiny and shimmer are the mandatory addition to any dress. All the party lover brides who like to look glamours on their wedding day will love to find outstanding shimmering dresses of this year bridal fashion collection. Moreover, this is the perfect time to say yes to this dress as the bridal collection has plenty of shimmer and shinning fabric dresses for the winter brides. Choose a glittering silhouette for your “I do” date and become the most popular bride of your family. A classic silk silhouette with A-line neck and shimmering gloves were one of the most astonishing collections that were seen in almost every bridal dresses.


All the brides-to-be of this year have plenty of the latest styles to choose from. There are various alternatives to make you look the best. We discussed every new trend that is currently exploring the fashion stores around you. No matter what type of bride you want to be, just pick your style and look stunning walking down the aisle. This article is an absolute trend guidebook for you to find out your special dress.

Above trends are this season bridal vogue that might last for many years. You can predict which trend will stay and which will be out. However, a bride can look fabulous with any of the above trends. Picking up a bridal dress isn’t done in hastiness. It takes months of research and planning to identify your perfect style depending on your personality. Above trends will unquestionably help you out with this big decision. Now, as you know the trends of this year, you might have a better idea of what you need to try on first when you go for a wedding dress shopping.

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