Easter is almost here and you must have planned something out with your family, don’t you? How about planning the much deserving Easter vacation with your loved ones? Does the idea excite you? If yes, there are many unexplored destinations to visit in the world and you will be making mesmerizing memories while looking at the Easter sun. Wait, unplanned trips sometimes end up in miserable experiences and hence, it is imperative that you plan carefully while planning an Easter trip.

How would be your reaction if I say you can save a lot of bucks while vacationing? I am certainly not talking about those budget trips where you have to stay in poorly managed and bad hotels and eating unhealthy food at cheap restaurants. Say a bold and capital NO to such offers. You will not find anything good from such offers.

What I am suggesting is to get high discounts and deals at premium websites while buying things. Yes, It is possible and travelers are actually enjoying it. Whether it is a flight you want to book or a hotel you want to stay or a restaurant you want to dine, you can find discount coupons and deals at such websites like and it will make things convenient and comfortable and your trip magnificent.

Next comes the destination and believe me, it is a complex thing almost all the travelers thinks. What would an ideal destination to visit on this Easter week? It really depends on your personal choices, but here, we have depicted some of the most favorite travel destinations for this Easter. Check it out and let’s have the first sight of spring this year.

Vatican City & Rome

If you believe in God and religion, Vatican City is the place you should be at the Easter day. It is the holy city located in Rome is the home of the Pope and is the capital of the Catholic world. There is a diversified list of places you can visit such as St. Peter’s Basilica, Sistine Chapel, a wide range of museums. In the Easter week, you can attend the masses and on the Easter day, you can hear the Pope’s address in St. Peter’s Square. In short, it is a blissful and sacred trip to go for this Easter.

New York’s Easter Bonnet Parade

You cannot separate Easter and surprising and lovely parades, can you? If you are visiting New York on this Easter, you cannot miss wonderful, informal parade at New York’s Fifth Avenue. You can find some great deals while hiring a car service from Hertz from the airport to the destinations you want to explore. You will find the place crowded with people with impromptu colorful dresses and it will be a day filled with lots of interesting actions and adventure and fun.

Holy Week in Rio de Janeiro

Brazil is a beautiful country to visit at any time of the year. There is so much to explore there, but visiting Rio de Janeiro in the Easter week will be the best decision you will ever make. You can find different colorful processions at Rio De Janeiro with decorative streets and roads. A truly mesmerizing experience!


Cyprus is another promising travel destination to explore with so many attractions and places during the Holy week. One of the fascinating things about Cyprus is its climate. You will just fall in love with it. It is warm with sunshine and occasional showers, simply amusing!


Visitors from across the globe visit Andalusia to participate in Seville’s Holy Week celebrations (April 9-16). it is advised to book your hotels and flights in advance to avoid last minute hassles. In addition, the coast is clean and a place to look forward too. The climate is lovely too with 8 to 9 hours of sunshine to warm you up.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

In the spring, the tourist strength dramatically increases and there are reasons. Although, Amsterdam is a place you can visit any time a year and you will not disappoint, the Easter week is a time you should be here. You will find a list of things to explore such as Keukenhof Gardens, Flora Holland auction house, Hortus Botanicus, collection of museums and many more. It is also a romantic place to be with your partner. In short, you will end up making some minty moments there.

New Orleans, Louisiana

You cannot miss the historic French Quarter Parade organizes in New Orleans, Louisiana. It is a hub for Easter festivities and it will be fun to see different parades organize in different parts of the city. In addition to that, The Gay Easter Parade also grabs the attention of visitors every year. Participate and have fun!

Paris, France

If you suggest me one place to be during the spring, I would prefer Paris as it blossoms like anything in the spring. Beautiful gardens, Easter egg hunts, Notre-Dame and Sacré-Cœur open services, world-famous museums and ancient buildings with state-of-the-art architecture are some of the attractions that will make you fall in the love with the city.


If you are not interested in sightseeing and other typical tourist preferences, Puglia is a place where you should be. If you are a foodie and love to try new cuisines, welcome to Puglia. If you are looking for best spring climate, you should be here.

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